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Patent Pending (GB1513864.7) (P45799W0)

SIGNUM: Making cycling safer

Signum is a revolutionary product to make cycling safer. It is designed to be the safest way to indicate, while keeping with existing road cycling signal legislation. Essential features are a highly visible reflected strap and bright led lights that emit double power during daylight, flashing at 3 Hz (as a car indicator) to gain maximum attention from other road users. It is very easy to use with a simple squeeze of a switch. Equipped with Signum on each wrist, you are more visable to road users when indicating your intended move


Signum features

Complete with a built in clock / timer / back-light

High visibility / Reflective Strap

Rechargeable battery by usb cable

Adjustable to any wrist size and easy to fasten and remove

Always on mode

Emits double power during day light, for maximum visibility

Featured in the Evening Standard, Metro and Yahoo News

Why I invented Signum

"As a London taxi driver, I spend my days driving around London's busy streets and I have noticed a big gap in communication between cyclists and other road users.

Too often vehicle drivers do not notice cyclists and this can be because they are observing the road ahead, or looking out for potential hazards such as pedestrians looking to cross the road.

A hand signal from cyclists doesn't always gain drivers' attention, especially if it's in their peripheral vision. Similarly poor light or rain make it difficult for a hand signal to be seen. From the minute a driver passes a driving test they're used to responding to a flashing amber light, and this is why we have created Signum. Signum flashes at the same frequency as other road vehicle indicators, this was carefully considered when designing Signum, to achieve maximum attention from other road users".

Gary Thatcher, Brighter Indication's Founder and Director  

Patent Pending (GB1513864.7) (P45799W0)

What the cyclists say

What the cyclists' say

"This is exactly what we need as vulnerable road users! I use quallity front and rear lighting but there's always that slight doubt, when moving out to pass a static vehicle or approaching a junction, that your signal has been seen"

Steve Finn, Clerkenwell to Westminster daily

"For me, that's the worst part of daily commute! You raise your arm to let people know you're moving road position, but sometimes you feel the need to actually wave your hand around to actually get their attention! Signum can only improve this"

Lucy Sheen, Hackney to St Johns Wood daily


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