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The SIGNUM Prototype is now in production

Boom! With a mixture of hard work, a super promotional video (courtesy of RecordingEarth) and belief in our product from friends, family and colleagues, we have reached our funding goal and are now ready to make the final prototype and production tools, necessary for production of Signum.

From Monday 7th March we visited three companies in Bristol, Salisbury and Portsmouth respectively over two days. Each company impressed with their skills and experience, which made it a hard call for the final decision.

Our decision was made due to one comapany being able to design, manufacture, assemble and package Signum, all here in the UK. This means we are able to work closely as a team and fine tune Signum to perfection without the need for travelling.

The wheels are now in motion and our production should commence around August 2016.

Our Kickstarter campaign will launch around July 2016. The campaign will give us an accurate idea of demand and therefor the appropriate order size for batch number one from the production line.

Brighter indication in production

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